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LED Display Board

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Description :

LED Display Board

CDIL brings you the exciting world of LED Displays, the modern technology media for all forms of indoor & outdoor messaging, advertising, signages with unmatched convince, clarity, all weather visibility and energy saving. Adaptable for any location, size and contents with capability to self programme or change of any display contents on the fly.

Functionality: Text, Graphics, Animation & Video Displays
Colours: Single, Dual (RG) & Multi Colour (RGB)
Site: Indoor, Semi Outdoor and Outdoor Types (IP65 and with or without shades)
Sizes: Starting from
3 inch x 24 inch for Single/ Multi Line Text Displays
1 ft x 4 ft for Graphics & Animation Displays
5 ft x 8 ft onwards for Video Displays
User controllable modifications of text and images.
GSM Mobile remote access to change contents from any corner of the world.
Built in security for access to modify display only by authorized users.
Multiple choice of modifications of text and images through standard PC, wireless, GSM.
Time sequenced display of contents, reprogrammable.
Multilingual capability for all Indian and foreign languages.
Super bright high visibility display with wide viewing angle.
Multiple of single colour displays.
Wide choice of mountings to suit location and application.
Low power consumption.
Multiplexing capability.
Long trouble free working life.

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